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Who are we

Our vision

We look forward to building a working relationship and partnership with our customers and suppliers by providing high-quality products through systems, machines and qualified employees, in addition to expand our market share in the Egyptian market to achieve the highest possible return and continue developing of our products.

ايه جى ام ستيل للتجارة والتوريدات (6).jpeg
ايه جى ام ستيل للتجارة والتوريدات (1).jpg

Our goals

At IGM, we are looking forward to playing an active role in developing the stainless steel industry, spreading knowledge, and building a lofty edifice for this industry.


  • Preserving the environment, developing society, and raise community awareness.

  • Commitment to all quality standards, providing products that conform to approved specifications and standards, which contributes to the development of this industry.

  • Continuous development of our equipment and systems, maintaining the protection of the surrounding environment and the safety of workers, and contributing to the development of society in accordance with the approved rules and regulations.

ايه جى ام ستيل للتجارة والتوريدات (3).jpeg
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